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Samsung Galaxy S III 4G Verizon or Pageplus S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 SIII 4G Verizon or Pageplus

  • $119.49

Compatible With:
* Verizon
* Pageplus
* Verizon Pre-Paid
* Other Prepaid companies that accept Verizon cell phones

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the revolutionized touch screen smartphone model. This phone is truly inspired by nature which shows a minimal organic design, that comes with smooth and organic curves making in ergonomic designed for human productivity and communication. The phone comes with a beautiful 4.8 HD touchscreen display, rendering breathtaking format of images and videos captured at the user's fingertips. This phone is one of the top of the line mobile devices to have, straight competition to the iPhone, so much so that apple sued samsung over this phone!

*16GB Internal Memory
* 4.8 inches of high-definition touchscreen display
* 8 megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash
* Typing Accuracy
* WiFi or 3G & 4G Speeds
* Internet Browser
* Email Access
* Stereo Fm Radio
* Bluetooth
* Huge Screen Easy To Use

This Offer Includes:
* Samsung Galaxy S3 Verizon Cell Phone
* Battery
* Battery Door
* Free Home Charger (Value $19.99)
* 30 Day Warranty

Compatible With:
* Any Verizon Plan or No Contact Verizon, Including but not limited to Pageplus as well


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