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BlackBerry Tour 9630 Verizon Phone No Contract

  • $69.99

Stay in touch with The BlackBerry Tour 9630 smartphone with access to online streaming, downloading, and browsing. This phone features a slim,light design that ensures a great experience, whether answering a friend's call, utilizing the web, or just sending a quick message. Goes well with your busy schedule, with features for voice dialing, speakerphone, calendars, conference calling, Social Media Apps, and a media player. As well as 256mb of built-in memory with a slot to place your SD card, increasing your memory, and allowing you to play your saved files right on your phone. The Battery life is also great on this phone. You can easily go 2 days without having to charge it again. Even using it very heavily on a daily basis only requires to charge it once a day. Features: * 3G * Camera 3.2 MP * Bluetooth * GPS * QWERTY Physical Keyboard * Email Access * Internet Browser * Speakerphone What Will I Receive In The Mail Quickly? * Blackberry Tour 9630 Veizon Or Pageplus * Pre-Owned In Fair Condition Guaranteed To Work 100% * 30 Day Warranty * Battery * Battery Door Cover * Home Charger