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Verizon Shutting Down 3G Towers - Upgrading To 4G LTE Now

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Mobile carriers are in the process of shutting down their 3G networks, which use older technology, in order to make room for more advanced networks such as 5G. This means that many older cell phones will no longer be able to make or receive calls and texts, including calls to 911, or use data services. This will affect 3G mobile phones and certain older 4G mobile phones that do not support Voice over LTE (VoLTE or HD Voice). The timing for the shutdown of 3G networks will vary by carrier, and some carriers have already completed the shutdown of their 3G networks, while others are scheduled to occur later in 2022. It is important to check with your mobile carrier to find out if your phone will be affected and to plan accordingly to avoid losing connectivity. Other devices such as medical devices, tablets, smart watches, and home security systems may also be impacted and will need to be updated or replaced to ensure continued connectivity.

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