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Samsung Galaxy Prevail Android M820

  • $59.99

The Boost Prevail is thin and easy to use it's powered by Android and will work with boost mobile unlimited cell phone service or prepaid boost minutes just fine.. No contracts required.Navigation, email and maps on this phone are simply great. Screen and speed are fine. The Android apps look great and run fast on this smart phone.

The Samsung Prevail is a real bargain. The Prevail is Samsung's best selling phone in the USA during 2011 and 2012, with over two million sold!

As with all Android phones, you need to learn how to control battery life by turning OFF Wi-Fi, 3G, and Bluetooth when you are not using them. The Prevail comes with a power widget to toogle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on and off and you can get use the free "Data Switch" app to toogle 3G on and off. The included "Task Manager" app lets you close the apps you are not using, which saves the battery, and speeds up the app you are currently using.

* Color Screen
* Camera
* Email Access
* 3G Data Capable
* Bluetooth Enabled
* GPS, Internet Browser
* Navigation
* Music Player
* Touch Screen
* Wi-Fi Capable
* Speakerphone
* Voice-Activated Dialing
* Android Froyo

This Offer Includes:
Galaxy Prevail m820 Cell Phone Fair Condition
* Battery
* Battery Door
* Home Charger: Included at no charge (Value $19.99)
* 30 Day Warranty

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