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LG VX8300 Verizon or Pageplus Cell Phone Camera Bluetooth

  • $39.99

Product Description:

The LG VX-8300 is a CDMA flip phone featuring Bluetooth compatibility, 3G EVDO high-speed data, microSD slot for additional storage, and a megapixel camera. This device has a customizable flash interface, dual LCD displays, MP3 player and video streaming. The VX-8300 is a durable phone with great call quality and easy to use interface. Other key features equipped with this model include MMS and SMS messaging, and support for multiple languages including Spanish.

This device has been extensively tested, is fully functional, and ready for activation on the Verizon or PagePlus network. The ESN has been cleared for use. This device is ready for use with your existing contract - no new contract required. You can also add this device to a new contract supplied by the service provider.

* 3G Data Capable
* Bluetooth Enabled
* Email Access
* Speaker phone
* Video Recording
* Video Streaming

This Offer Includes:
* LG vx8300 Easy to use flip cell phone
* Battery
* Battery Door
* Home Charger: Included at no charge (Value $19.99)
* 30 Day Warranty
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