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Email List Of 5,787 Wholesale Prospects/Customers - non-refundable

  • $997.00


Email List Business to Business Offer
If you have good pricing and you're able to sell wholesale cell phones, this offer is for you!

If you are not a reseller and solely own a store, unfortunately, this offer is not for you, please ignore this email.
REPLY if interested in pricing of this email list please.

Simply put this email list will make you money, if you sell wholesale cell phones.

We have been creating and nurturing this email list for over 5 years.

Some of these store owners that are on this list, have been for over 5 years at this point.

We send offers specifically for cell Phones, and for tablets as well from time to time.

Basically, this offer, A one-time offer, most likely will not be seen or offered again, since it is only for wholesalers, which means you do business direct to other businesses and not direct to other consumers...

So again, this is a very specific list for people that purchase at wholesale. If you don't understand this, or have other questions, you can call us at 630-244-2636

This is an email list, in which you can send an email to 5,787 people that are all wholesale buyers that purchase from us directly...
Either that, or, they are prospects interested in purchasing in buying wholesale direct.

These are spam-free emails, that do not bounce, so you can be assured they all hit their inbox, guaranteed!
There is a one-time price where we give you the list, completely, and you email them yourself as you please..
If you do not have a way to send emails yourself here's another option for you: We email for you. If Interested please REPLY directly to this email for pricing.

Again, this will most likely be a one-time offer, depending on the response we receive, because, like I said, the people on this list, such as yourself, are people that are selling direct to the consumer, so there is no need for you to send emails to
other store owners, unless you have good pricing and are able to provide wholesale for them directly..

This is a great offer to you if you are a business to business

Otherwise, you can just skip this email, we will be sending another offer email tomorrow with wholesale pricing on our cell phones.
REPLY if interested in pricing of this email list please.
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